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Wordle Spin-Offs, Ranked by How Feasible They Are to Do in Class

You’ve already done the daily Wordle during your morning commute, so what now?

  1. Dordle, Quordle, Octordle

Classic, comforting, simple. These spin-offs are simply multiple Wordle boards in one, with more guesses allowed: Dordle (two boards and seven guesses), Quordle (four boards and nine guesses), and Octordle (eight boards and 13 guesses). Pull these up whenever, wherever. Be secure in the comfort that you won’t miss more than a minute or two of whatever the prof is talking about.

  1. Worldle

If world geography is more your thing, try this one. Guess the country or territory based on its silhouette, and the game will give you how far off your guess was (literally, in kilometres), the direction your guess is relative to the target country, and proximity (in percentage). The slides will be posted on Quercus after class, right?

  1. Squardle

A Sudoku-esque twist, where six five-letter words are arranged in a grid, with three words placed horizontally and three placed vertically. Every guess is entered both horizontally and vertically at the same time, and the colours reveal if that specific letter is in the row, column, or board. It’s a bit hard to explain, and the instructions page is very intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, it’s definitely doable with a little bit of brainpower. Save this for when your classmates propose a far-fetched hypothetical that the prof will somehow still happily entertain for at least 10 minutes, even though everyone knows it’s only tangentially related to today’s class content.

  1. Squabble

Competitive multiplayer Wordle! Grab your friends and create a private room or join a global room with strangers on the internet, and complete Wordles faster than everyone else. Pull this one out when the prof realizes, 30 minutes into lecture, that no one on the Zoom has heard a single word this entire time, and an emergency call to IT is warranted. You’ll need more than a couple minutes on this one. 

  1. Heardle 

This one plays you the first second of a pop song, and you have to guess the title/artist. With every incorrect guess, the clip is extended. You’d be a brave soul to try this one during lecture, but hey, maybe you could play it off as the sound of an incoming Outlook notification. 

Bonus: Letterdle

26 chances to guess the right letter of the alphabet, but with the exact same rules as classic Wordle—meaning there are no indicators of how close you are to getting the right letter until you hit it. Just click until you get the green tile and that sweet, sweet endorphin release. Anything to distract you from the stress of these last couple weeks of lectures…

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