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Meet the 2022–23 Mooters

The first fully in-person moot tryout in three years rings in 14 new competitive teams

The 2022–23 upper-year competitive mooting tryouts took place in person this year for the first time since the 2019–20 mooting season. First and second-round tryouts took place from September 14 to 16, five days after the release of the tryout problem on September 9. Several moots are still maintaining a virtual format this season. 

Tryouts were facilitated by the Moot Court Committee (MCC), a student-run body in charge of organizing and running the tryouts within the Faculty’s parameters and finding student coaches for the moots. This year, following practices introduced the previous year, the MCC ran a number of initiatives aimed at helping minimize barriers to entry, including arranging virtual practice sessions with alumni judges and matching potential mooters with each other for a “Tryout Buddy” program.

Candidates were asked to argue the fictional 2018 Wilson Cup moot problem of Crawford v Nova Scotia (Attorney General), which centred around a section 15(1) Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (the Charter) claim. At issue was the rejection of Jerome Crawford’s application to become a police officer with the Halifax Regional Police (HRP). Jerome’s application was denied due to a finding of 13 street checks on his record, denoting Jerome’s affiliation with individuals known to the police for their involvement in criminal activity. This contravened section 4(1)(a) of the Police Regulations, which requires a candidate to have good character in order to become a police officer with the HRP. Candidates represented the Crown, arguing that the good character requirement in section 4(1)(a) was justified under section 1 of the Charter.

75 people tried out for the 66 available spots. Below are the finalized tryout results.

Adam F. Fanaki Competition Law Moot
Hudson Manning (3L)
Gordon Milne (2L)
Edmund Nilson (2L)
Max van der Weerd (2L)

Callaghan Memorial Moot
Olivia O’Connor (2L)
Kyle MacDonald (2L)
Rose Ghaedi (2L)
Genevieve Citron (2L)
Gurratan Gill (2L)
Andrea Almeida-Pasko (2L)
Jordyn Selznick (3L/MBA)
Lucy Yang (2L)
Noa Levin (2L)
Rebekah Kim (2L)
Laura Hunter (2L)
Priti Gupta (2L)
Ronan Mallovy (2L/MA English)
Emily Hean (2L)
Ben Kitching (2L)
Hannah Im (2L)

Davies Corporate/Securities Law Moot
Evan Morin (2L)
Ben Grondin (2L)
Isaac Jonker (2L)
Lien Shi (3L)

Donald G. Bowman National Tax Moot
Matthew McGreer (2L)
John Metzger (3L)
Christian Wigger (2L)
Lillian Liu (3L)

Fox Intellectual Property Moot
Sabrina Macklai (3L/MI)
Sarah McLaughlin (2L)
Christopher Black (2L)
Ayushi Thakur (2L)

Gale Cup Moot
Mackenzie Faulkner (3L)
Benjamin MacLean-Max (2L)
Adrianna Mills (3L)
Emma Danaher (2L)

Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Moot
Ikram Handulle (3L)
Shae MacPherson (2L)
Fatima Aamir (2L)
Daryn Tyndale (2L)

Julius Alexander Isaac Moot
Amy Kwong (2L)
Alexandra Guerra (2L)
Duncan Crabtree (2L)
Erica Barrett-Fox (2L)

Jessup International Moot
Nicolas Williams (2L)
Jeffrey Ma (2L)
Julia Cappellacci (2L)
Jack Stewart (2L)

National Labour Arbitration Competition
Sang Park (2L)
Clare Murray (2L)

Laskin Moot
Milana Grahovac (2L)
Irene Li (2L)
Hye-seon Jung (2L)
Madeline Eskandari (2L)

Walsh Family Moot
Hamza Naim (3L)
Niema Mohammad (3L)
Fievel Lim (2L)
Emily Rand (2L)

Wilson Moot
David Côté (3L)
Nicholas Heinrich (2L)
Caitlin Salvino (2L)
Laura Henderson-Cameron (2L)

Winkler Class Actions Moot
Roya Shidfar (2L)
Ryan Reid (2L)
Apollonia Mastrogiacomo (3L)
Caeleb “Rae” Goff (2L)

Editor’s Note: We apologise for a misprint of this article in our September 29, 2022 issue, which did not include the Fox Intellectual Property or Davies Corporate/Securities Law moots. 

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