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In Beer Veritas: More Breweries, More Fun

Three breweries to get you through exam season

3 Brewers
272 Yonge Street

A hop, skip, and jump away from Yonge-Dundas Square, 3 Brewers is conveniently located for anyone hoping to grab a beer after a long day shopping at the Eaton Centre or preaching to passersby. Admittedly, 3 Brewers is, in many ways, unremarkable. With a menu of greasy bar fare and a decent beer list, its offerings are uncontroversial if not unimpressive. That said, 3 Brewers’ trademark “triton”—a three or five-litre half-pitcher, half-keg of beer—makes it the ideal spot for a thirsty group. So, bring a friend (or three) and feel free to drink enough to drown out the memory of the latest law-related trauma.

Left Field Brewery
36 Wagstaff Drive

Located in Leslieville, Left Field’s versatile list of craft creations includes seltzers, sours, stouts, lagers, and IPAs. While we’ve yet to find a Left Field beer we dislike, our favourite is the “Sweet Jesus” mocha marshmallow stout—a “mocha-inspired treat” which comes topped with a freshly toasted marshmallow. If you’re in the mood for something sweeter, the “Bang-Bang” sour is a solid choice, with notes of “lemon, papaya, sour candy, tangerine, and hints of pineapple.” In keeping with their ethos of inclusiveness, Left Field also offers flavoured sparkling water for any teetotallers. Although Left Field is somewhat off the beaten path, the beer is well worth the travel time.

Kensington Brewing Company
299 Augusta Avenue

Call to the Bar (CTTB) regulars may hazily recall Supermarket from this year’s first CTTB outing. Located just across the street from Supermarket, Kensington Brewing Company boasts a hipster-friendly selection of craft beers, including an Earl Grey tea ale with apricot and milk sugars. Like any bar with a couch in it, Kensington has a relaxed, slightly drowsy, vibe—perfect for a low-key night out. Plus, if you hang around until close, the staff will generally ply you with a free alcoholic slushie as they clean out their slushie machine for the night.

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