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UV Year in Review: Top 10 Stories of 2012

10. For the first time ever, a mouse is spotted in the law school.



9. Articling changes. UV writes about it.



8. 2Ls recruit in November. There is much angst over the fact that U of T placed *only* as many students on Bay St as Osgoode (Downsview’s top law school) did. Our 89 placements represented 46.1% of our class though, compared to only 30.7% of theirs.


On a related note, many were surprised that Lawstudents.ca use correlates negatively with recruitment success. UV staff’s ability to order x and y axes is similarly found lacking.



7. As excitement builds for the new Faculty of Law Building, the Faculty releases detailed floor plans.


UT Law students are delighted to note that several of their classmates have been included in the Faculty’s collage. Their selection does not seem to have been for any apparent reason.


6. UV releases even more detailed floor plans, but these are taken down when the Faculty decides that it doesn’t want students getting TOO excited.


In the meantime, UT Law students will be forced to spend their working hours in a slightly less decrepit building. 1Ls and JDMBAs alike raise many concerns.


As usual, UV focuses on the issues most important to law students: “The Goldring center, in addition to housing a renovated Wymilwood café, will feature a licensed bar and student meeting spaces.”

This description of the Goldring Centre is only slightly at odds with that found here:



5. Dan Bertrand visits Osgoode Hall and offends everybody (see comments at bottom of article). A lesson for all of us about the dangers of posting our always-biting-and-witty satire online (New in 2012!).



4. U of T introduces a new grading system. Despite our efforts to drum up interest and outrage, 1Ls – the only UT Law students affected by the change – steadfastly refuse to care.




3. In the hotly contested 2012 SLS election, Albert Lin defeats UV Editor In Chief Matt Brown to win the SLS presidency. UV staff mourn their leader’s defeat – they know he’ll come back to haunt them next year. (Update: they were right.)




2. Someone gets a 154 on their LSAT and 7 As in 1L! (UV’s theory: a transfer student.)



1. UV outdoes itself by publishing an entire issue devoted to navel gazing. From Lauren Heuser’s insightful and well-written cover piece to Andrew Robertson’s defiant defense of our publication’s ribaldrous humour, this issue is pretty much exclusively about UV itself.



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