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February Crossword

February Crossword




1. ____ facie.
4. _____ the correct tests in April exams, so you can _____ for the best jobs in 2L.
7. Microsoft file extension.
8. Your argument is in_____.
9. This judgment has no ____ (this judgment does not have the power to produce its intended effect).
10. A theory of property called “Living Property” would grant these animals, and all animals, certain rights, including standing at law.
11. This kind of monkey uses sex to solve problems between group members, certainly making litigation more enjoyable.
14. To be ______ into a false sense of security, as on the first day of reading week, when you imagine you can get totally caught up and still watch all existing episodes of Game of Thrones.
15. Slavic autocrat. For an interesting UK case on granting leave to appeal to non-parties, see the (thrillingly-titled) Re Ferdinand, Ex-____ of Bulgaria [1921] 1 Ch. 107, CA.
18. Case that gave us the (dreaded) five factors for procedural fairness.
20. Color of envy. Also the color of a 1L who learns that a 3L can attend only the first and last lecture of any course and still receive a B.
21. “I heard that Holyfield was trying to sue Tyson for trying to bite off his ___, but the judge wouldn’t give him a hearing.”
22. Caffeinated beverage that Jiffin finds especially seductive.
23. Corporate higher-ups (see also: our clients).


1. Justice Bertha Wilson, the first woman to sit on the Supreme Court, _____ the way for other female judges.
2. E-legal’s inadvertent pun.
3. Appends, attaches, says further, puts two and two together.
4. Cause of ______.
5. ___ drink (how to avoid paying an arm-and-a-leg at pub night).
6. (Basically defunct) alternative to google search. In Crookes v. Holloway, 2007 BCSC 1325, this American company successfully argued that the plaintiffs’ action against it should be dismissed as no tort had been committed in BC: “The fact that _____ can be accessed on the internet from a computer in British Columbia is not evidence it is carrying on business in British Columba.”
12. S. 163 of the Criminal Code says that some books, movies and magazines are too _______ to cross the border into Canada. In 2009, gay porn studio Lucas Entertainment had films Piss! and Farts! banned from entry into Canada. In media reports, Lucas decried this ban as “old-fashioned” for a progressive nation, although the CBSA Policy on the Classification of Obscene Material only finds the ingestion of urine for sexual purposes “_______” when it is portrayed as not consensual (seems reasonable).
13. The difference between the JD and LLB is, at least in theory, that JD students already have a ______ when admitted into law school.
14. Tort that involves written defamation.
16. Plural noun used by tired law students to describe L’Heureux Dube’s long dissents.
17. Monster, troll, Shrek. This word is used frequently in judgments when a court is considering an unfavourable depiction of a male party. See, for example, Getz v. Getz, 1999 SKQB 44: “Gerald Getz may have other problems which have changed him from a loving father to the ____ which his wife describes. Farming is not an easy profession.”
19. Rape ___; should be administered as soon as possible after sexual assault. In recent news, a First Nations woman alleging sexual assault was arrested in Edmonton on an outstanding and unrelated breach; a rape ___ was not performed until after she spent three days in a holding cell.

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