Ultra Vires


Well, that was fast.


Paloma van Groll (3L) and David Gruber (3L)

And we’re reminded yet again how easily we can let a school year pass, without learning a thing. But that’s only when taking the narrow view.

Sure, most of us haven’t learned much about the law – that’s what the 72 hours leading up final exams are for. (And if you think that’s brisk, consider how quickly it all fades from memory.) We already knew that, at least pedagogically speaking, law school is resting comfortably in the dark ages. But reviewing the last eight months as reported in Ultra Vires, it seems we’ve all done quite a lot this year.

In our six issues we spoke with leading lawyers, judges, and academics, put out a comprehensive review of 2L recruitment, and reported on Faculty Council meetings every month so that you would know what’s going on behind closed doors. We tried to get straight answers about the progress of the elusive new Jackman Law Building, and to supplement the Faculty’s official statements on funding and financial aid with … actual true facts. We debated the changes to the 1L curriculum and told you 20 things about our new Dean Yak that you probably didn’t know. And sometimes we talked trash just because.

Of course, when we say “we” we don’t mean us. First, our fellow students took the bait when we pleaded with you to write something for the paper. We were better for it. It’s gratifying to see student issues hashed out in the pages of UV. Second, this whole project wouldn’t function were it not for our editors, who are equal parts dedicated and talented. And dashing to boot. It’s their work that makes this teetering house of cards stand upright, and we can’t thank them enough.

Alex Carmona and Tali Green worked hard to provide us with engaging Features content every month. We are proud of Tali’s thoughtful interviews, and Alex always produced work containing indispensable advice for the student body. Also, he never complains when we accidently credit Tyler Cohen for his tireless work. Marita Zouravlioff and David Pardy, the Opinions team, ensured all who wished had an opportunity to be heard. Their distinct and hilarious voices shine through in every written piece, whether it is a sharp critique of Law Follies or a passionate defence of the man bun. And the Diversions crew, Alanna Tevel and Lisana Nithiananthan, kept it real, and real amusing, occasionally venturing into the weird, and sometimes tastefully dipping into the crass. We never cease to be impressed by their gift for finding Professor Celebrity Look-a-Likes, and this month’s Intra Vires is a real treat in a long line of joyful confections brought to life by our gals. Our indispensable 1L editors Rona Ghanbari, Nathan Rattansey, and Mike Robichaud kept us plugged in with all the new blood and pulled their weight as though they’d been doing it for years. Aron Nimani tirelessly maintained all things Web. We truly could not have done it without him.

Our eminently capable News Editor Brett Hughes stayed on top of all that was noteworthy around here. His dedication and integrity kept us honest. Brett will be taking over as Editor-in-Chief next year. We’re confident he will do great things at the helm.

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