Ultra Vires


Paloma van Groll

Well, that was fast.

Paloma van Groll (3L) and David Gruber (3L) And we’re reminded yet again how easily we can let a school year pass, without learning a

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Spring is Nigh…right?

By Paloma van Groll (3L) It’s a that fun time of year for Law, right after Follies and right before Ball, when we law students

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Let’s Hear It

By David Gruber and Paloma van Groll Every year around this time students interrupt their rampant careerism to undertake more noble endeavours. The Promise Auction,

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Editor’s Letter

Paloma Van Groll (3L) & David Gruber (3L) The law school is operating out of borrowed space for yet another year. Construction of the new

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I Survived OCIs

“Maybe I’ll just sleep here tonight!” I said – manically – to my friend, as we wrapped up day 1 of the OCI process down

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The Definitive Guide to 1L

“All of this has happened before… but it doesn’t have to happen again” Breaking the Cycle 1L is always a stressful year, but it doesn’t

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