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Hot Destination: Law school a surprisingly sweet reading week option


Clara Rozee (3L) and Maud Rozee (1L)

It’s about three weeks until Reading Week (not that we’re counting), and now is the perfect time to get started with your vacation planning. You’ve got a whole glorious week to relax, unwind, and try to not think about your impending exams. Maybe you were considering a tropical getaway? Just picture it: you, on the beach, curled up with Waddams, the sun in your eyes, sand on the pages, your highlighter dried up by the heat…actually that sounds pretty terrible, doesn’t it? Ultra Vires is partnering with the Tourism Bureau of the Faculty of Law to promote a better Reading Week option: the Law School Staycation.

Here’s a sample itinerary to inspire you.

When was the last time you sat back and enjoyed the many amenities of the Birge Carnegie Student Lounge? It’s so easy to overlook the comforting aroma of the couches, the rich colours of the broadloom, and the consistent functionality of the microwave. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a stale Timbit left behind by one of the locals. You’ll have all this beauty to yourself, so spread out a towel and pull out that tax treatise you’ve been saving.

For lunch, exciting dining options await in Ned’s Student Cafe. Treat yourself to a ripe muffin, some chocolate milk (hey, you’re on staycation!) or even a box of sushi à la Ned.

The sun is overrated—after a few hours underground in the Bora Laskin Law Library, you’ll forget it even exists. Lose yourself in the forest of bookshelves. Read about the laws of foreign lands, and use a cocktail parasol as a bookmark for an extra tropical touch.

Take the time to experience the historic wonders of Falconer and Flavelle, the twin jewels in the crown of the law school. In the basement of Falconer, you’ll find the last vestige of a bygone era—a vending machine advertising Minute Maid juices. You’ll wonder why anyone ever ventures to the equator as you sweat in the Falconer basement/furnace room/bookstore, sipping on a vintage ‘97 Five Alive from the vending machine.

When the mood strikes, ascend to the Solarium, one of the premier spots in the city to view the sun while still being at U of T law school.

After dinner, mosey down to the Reading Room to soak up some local colour. Meet the other people who have chosen to staycation at the law school, and swap stories about the day’s adventures. As the sun sets, let the soothing whir of florescent lights lull you to sleep.

The price of this deluxe staycation starts at just under $35,000 a year! Flights are not leaving non-stop from every major airport. Contact Sara-Marni Hubbard to book your get-not-away.

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