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Word On The Street: Favourite study snack, favourite study track?

Clara Rozee (3L)

UV ventured into the new reading room on a rainy afternoon to poll students about which eats and tunes get them in the mood to hit the books. Here’s what your peers told us.

SNACK: A carrot. *Laughs.* No, carrots, plural! And nuts. Like almonds and walnuts. They help because they fill you up temporarily and they’re tasty, in my opinion.

TRACK: Classical music—I just find playlists on YouTube. I can’t name a specific track.

2L, navy turtleneck


SNACK: Dried mangoes. Because they’re delicious.

TRACK: EDM. I like Nicolas Jaar.

2L, black and white sweater


SNACK: I generally don’t eat while I’m studying. Coffee, if that counts, but otherwise I don’t eat. It gets distracting.

TRACK: I don’t generally listen to music. It also gets distracting. I guess I’ll listen to random things occasionally. Sometimes classical music, sometimes pop.

1L, denim button-down shirt


SNACK: I sometimes have, like, a protein shake. Exam time is the easiest time of year to get out of your routine, but I find that maintaining routine is key to success at this time of year. If I’m eating well, it’ll force me to go to the gym, which keeps me mentally sharp.

TRACK: It varies, but right now it’s How Will I Know, by Whitney Houston. Or Like A Virgin by Madonna.

4L, grey shawl-neck sweater


SNACK: Lindor chocolates.

TRACK: Sorry, by Justin Bieber. But I change the lyrics in my head to “Is it too late now to studyyyyy?” I actually do that. And the answer is: probably.

2L, black and white checked blanket scarf


SNACK: Everything. Chocolate, Chicago mix, fuzzy peaches. So I guess chocolate or candy. It’s easy to pick at and makes me happy while I’m studying.

TRACK: I don’t generally listen to music while I study. Maybe stuff without words though. I like mellow beats. House stuff. But only sometimes—I prefer quiet.

3L, blue cardigan


SNACK: These individuals did not wish to be interviewed by UV, but they were unabashedly feasting on chocolate milk and a KitKat bar.

TRACK: Again, these individuals refused to be interviewed, so their favourite study tracks will forever remain a mystery. They were wearing headphones though.

Two people who turned out not to be law students


SNACK: Popcorn. Easy munch food.

TRACK: Usually I just put on a Songza channel. Country music—roadhouse country. I find it easy to study to.

3L, black U of T Law hoodie


SNACK: Sour candies.

TRACK: I listen to white noise.

1L, white U of T Law sweatshirt


SNACK: Biscuits, with tea. I usually drink green or black tea.

TRACK: It changes, but right now it’s Waves, by Miguel.

1L, green merino V-neck


SNACK: A muffin. A chocolate caramel muffin from Tim’s. I have it right here. *Reveals muffin in backpack.*

TRACK: Deadmau5.

1L, red sweatshirt

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