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Wise Words From Random Upper Years


Compiled by Rachel Chan (2L) & SuJung Lee (2L)

  • “Don’t linger on not getting that grade, mooting spot, summer position, whatever. Law school is weird—100% exams don’t make sense and only, like, 10% of the 1L class gets summer positions. Luck has a lot to do with who gets what, and [that] says nothing about your abilities or potential.”
  • “Be conscious of the pressure-cooker environment. You can often feel like you have to apply for the 1L recruit or join a study group to succeed. You don’t.”
  • “Take the time to meet with your professors to review your work or discuss the readings. Professors genuinely want to talk to you! This is a great way to make sure you’re up to speed with class as well as to build relationships with professors.”
  • “Stay caught up on your readings.”
  • “Get out and go to pub night!”
  • “Don’t take law school too seriously. Do the work, but try and make sure that you maintain balance.”
  • “Be confident! Don’t settle for something mediocre because you think you’re not going to get the better thing that you really want.”
  • “Talk to people openly. Some people advise you to avoid the topic of marks and jobs, since those are sensitive areas of conversation, but marks and jobs matter! I think it’s more weird if people refuse to talk and exchange information. An open conversation allows you to exchange tips and advice with your peers.”
  • “It took me some time to realize this, but each law course is more about learning how all the cases fit together, than about knowing the minute details of every case. Break down the entire body of law into major areas. Identify the ambiguities in the law.”
  • “Stay calm and enjoy yourself! Everyone faces a steep learning curve with law school, so you’re not alone in the adjustment. If you find a certain study strategy isn’t working, try a new one. Try new things, like clinics, mooting, or trial advocacy. Always remember to take care of yourself and that you have something unique to offer the world.”
  • “Make non-law school friends.”
  • “Find your people. They’re usually running clubs.”
  • “Continue to do the things you loved before law school.”
  • “Don’t skip class.”
  • “Keep snacks in your locker.”
  • “Try not to measure yourself against your classmates. There is no objective version of success or happiness—you make your own. That’s the whole point.”
  • “Don’t eat at the cafe everyday.”
  • “Make use of upper year maps.”
  • “Befriend a professor, possibly your small group prof…”
  • “Do plenty of practice exams.”
  • “At least look at the exams in the exam bank before your exam. Coming up with an answer in your head is also good.”
  • “Reach out for help when you need it. Yukimi is a great resource.”
  • “Take the endless advice you receive with a grain of salt. What works for you is not necessarily going to be what works for other people.”

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