Ultra Vires


Dance Me to the End of Law

There are strange things done in the law school sun

Learning to walk in the footsteps of giants

Picture the steps on the South side of the Jackman building

They are so large

as though they were designed for giants.

When I walk up them

I take two footsteps for each stair-step

As though I am an infant, learning to walk

And so I will be.

I thought this to myself

On the first day of O-week

Striding up the stairs

Behind Spencer Paveck

Who is himself

An Atlas of a man.


Eddie was one of those

weird childhood friends.

He claimed that when he grew up

He would get sponsors

To pay for advertisements

Tattooed on his body.

A Nike swoosh on his hand,

A Starbucks mermaid on his forehead.

The Law School

Is not so different

From Eddie.


We have a space for yoga,

across from the space for hot yoga.

And outside, a space for cold yoga.

And enough Kombucha

for everyone

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