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Take a break from studying and get zooted

If there was ever a time when a law student could use a diversion, it is exam time. You still have a little bit of time before it is really time to buckle-in, knuckle-down, and use other contrived phrases in preparation of studying. That is good, because it means that there is still time to stock up on some serious dank, for when you just need to take a break from reality.


I wonder if Tom Ford knows that there is a strain of Kush named after him. Of course, Tom Ford did not name it—it was not nearly expensive enough. But that is not to suggest that Tom Ford Pink Kush is some cheap imitation. Au contraire. This Indica-heavy strain is exceptionally potent stuff. Although TFPK’s initial aroma is unmistakably skunky, that funk quickly gives way to notes of pine, lemon zest, and rotting cedar. It is like a weekend at a cottage in a comfortable flannel shirt. The flavour profile is entirely different: I mainly tasted cherry-flavoured cough syrup, and pepper. This strain burns hot and fast, and it acts even faster. I was feeling effects by the end of the joint. It was quite extraordinary, like my body was being coated in lead while my head was inflating with helium. Then I found myself watching Jackass at 2:00 in the morning with an idiotic grin on my face. The OCS does not carry Tom Ford, but it does offer Pink Kush for between $12.10 and $16.00 per gram.


If you’re looking for a smooth strain to get your creative juices flowing, “Rise” may be the strain for you. Rise is a Sativa dominant strain—perfect for a weekend morning where you may be sitting down to write a paper or watch some morning Netflix. Along with the creativity, you will also feel energetic and motivated. This would be a great strain to motivate some morning cleaning. Essentially, “Rise” is crafted to ensure that you wake up on the right side of the bed!

You can order a pre-roll off of the OCS website, so that it is ready to go as soon as you, well… rise. And with a pre-roll ready to go, it will take even less time to prepare than a morning coffee. The pre-roll has a refreshingly sweet smell with notes of citrus. The effects will start slow and will have your head buzzing with inquisitive thoughts. The high fades as smoothly as it starts and leaves you ready to continue with the rest of your day.

Puff, the Magic Dragon

There is a saying that goes, “once you’ve had God’s Green Crack, you’ll never go back.” This is a well-balanced hybrid strain that produces a relaxed, confident, uplifting, and super giggly experience—perfect for hitting the dance floor with some friends. Throw on some 50 Cent and you’ll party like it’s your birthday. Play some Vengaboys and you’ll ride the Vengabus from New York to San Francisco. Crank up the Beyoncé, and now you’re convinced that if he liked it, he should have put a ring on it. You’ll be too busy enjoying the music and giggling your face off to think about eating anything, but if you’re determined to indulge your taste buds, treat yourself to some good old Taco Bell. Order light, or expect to be shocked at how much food your body can hold. Green Crack is not yet available at the OCS, but if it arrives, expect it to sell for about $12.00 per gram.

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