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Report from Global Albinism Alliance: A Photo Essay

From Nigeria, Ikponwosa Ero, UN Independent Expert on Albinism: “One of the most important reasons why we have to have an albinism alliance at an international level is to support people with albinism across the world, so they are not working in isolation. … [C]oming together to have solidarity is one of the most important outcomes of having this alliance so that all the gains people have made in their national level can be amplified and replicated at an international level.”
From Malaysia, Maizan Binti Modh Salleh, Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Albinism Association (KLSAA): “I have been working in Malaysia alone and I feel that it is really great to bring everyone together so that we can learn from each other, and we can have some unification of information, statistics and data.” “[The alliance is] a place where I hope that everyone could share and bring the best practices of each region of the alliance for the greater good of everyone.”
From China, Lei Xiao, Chinese Organization for Albinism: “The global alliance for albinism is very important, because when we are separated in every part of the world, we are alone. But when we are united, we are stronger.”
From Rwanda, Nicodeme Hakizimana, Organisation for Integration and Promotion of People with Albinism (OIPPA): “A global alliance on albinism should focus on representation for people with albinism in all sectors, specifically for advocacy for the budget allocation by governments. This is the main priority so that people with albinism can be included in all of the country’s programs.”
From Colombia, Diana Paola Sanabria Lozano, Fundación Albinos por Colombia: “I hope that every person in the world would benefit from an albinism alliance. It doesn’t matter if you are a person with albinism in Colombia, or Great Britain, or South Africa.”
From Spain, Pepe Solves, ALBA: “I think the most important goal of this alliance is to achieve one unique voice of people with albinism around the world.”
From Fiji, Sainimili Udite Kulakuga Tawake, Fiji Albinism Project: “It is significant to me on a personal level, particularly when trying to find more information about myself as a person with albinism. And, you know, having an alliance allows me to understand myself and my situation better.”
From Brazil, Andreza Aguida Pereira Cavalli, Albinos de meu Brasil e de mundo: “I think [this alliance is] a dream come true because we worked for a long time and for many years to make a better future for people with albinism.”

All photos credited to India Annamanthadoo.

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