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Statement of Solidarity


To our law school community and beyond,

You have probably heard this a million times in a million ways over the past few days, over the past few years, over the past few decades. Yet it still bears repeating. We would be remiss to think that this has been said enough. 

There is still lots to be done within the legal system, to identify and work against the perpetuation of anti-Black racism. The injustices done by law enforcement officers have been especially evident recently, with the increased public attention on the losses of Black lives. George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. Recent media headlines have given calls to action a new sense of urgency. 

We recognize that we live in an unjust system where meaningful change has long been overdue. Canada is not immune from anti-Black racism. We recognize that inaction translates into complicity in a system that values some lives more than others, and we refuse to be complicit. Black lives matter. 

For our Black friends and colleagues, we stand by you in the movement to change systemic racism that pervades so deeply in our society. We encourage our non-Black friends and colleagues to read this letter from the BLSA

We are taking steps to better understand, so that we can better take action going forward. We are examining our privilege as non-Black racialized persons, our privilege as law students, and our privilege having access to such a broad platform through Ultra Vires. We are also mindful of the continued lack of diversity in the law profession. As the University of Toronto Faculty of Law’s independent student newspaper, Ultra Vires cannot be silent. 

Moving forward, we hope to elevate Black voices by reading Black authorship, listening to Black voices, and sharing more Black stories on Ultra Vires. We are mindful of the role the media can play in perpetuating racist stereotypes in its coverage of news, and we are committed to examining our reporting practices. Ultra Vires stands in solidarity with the continent-wide protests against anti-Black racism and police brutality. If you’d like a platform to speak about these issues, please contact editor@ultravires.ca

We need to continue taking action so the momentum doesn’t die down. As we work to move forward with increased awareness and actively develop next steps in dismantling racist and anti-Black biases from our institutions, we encourage our non-Black readers to do the same. 


Co-Editors-in-Chief Angela Gu and Vivian Cheng

One of the ways to provide support right now is to donate, if you are able, to some organizations doing important work.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Toronto

Black Lives Matter Vancouver

Federation of Black Canadians

Black Legal Action Centre

Black Health Alliance

Nia Centre for the Arts, a Toronto-based charitable organization that supports, showcases and promotes an appreciation of arts from across the Afro-Diaspora.

Mental health resources:

Black Youth Helpline

TAIBU Community Health Centre

We will be updating this list as we curate a listicle of further resources.

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