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Orientation Events For All

Both in-person and online events filled law students’ schedules for their first week back to school

Orientation is a staple for incoming first-year students. This year, orientation coordinators Hannah Lank (3L), Anisha Sivathas (2L), and Jennifer Sun (2L) put together a heist-themed week of both in-person and online events. The motif aimed to get 1Ls to express their individual strengths and unique backgrounds while they prepared to enter law school, i.e., the “Ultimate Heist.” 

Ocean’s 1L, the title of this year’s orientation (O-Week), kicked off with an outdoor viewing of Ocean’s 8 on the back lawn of the law school. There was also an “Amazing Race”, a trivia night with Professor Anthony Niblett, an evening mixer at The Slip, and a day at Canada’s Wonderland. Upper year volunteers helped facilitate the events and answered 1Ls’ questions to ease their transition into law school.

Hannah, Anisha, and Jennifer wanted O-Week to promote community-building and teamwork, especially since this was the first time that most students were able to gather in-person since the pandemic began.

While planning was challenging due to the ever-changing state of COVID-19 restrictions, Hannah, Anisha, and Jennifer were happy to see this year’s 1Ls eagerly participating in the events and mingling with their peers. They thank Ann Vuletin and Terry Gardiner for their support to put on a successful O-Week.

The 1Ls were not the only ones celebrating their first week back to school as upper-year students got their own orientation-esque week too. Many students last year lost the opportunity to meet their peers in an in-person social setting due to a stricter COVID-19 lockdown. So, SLS’ upper-year welcome back (UYWB) week was particularly special for those who were unable to meet their friends and classmates outside of Zoom. 

“It was lovely seeing everyone outside of an academic setting, not drowning in readings and actually having fun,” remarked Meaza Damte (2L). Many students expressed similar sentiments at being able to see their peers outside of the library environment. 

Starting with a snack and mingle outside of the law school, UYWB featured virtual trivia, a pizza party, and a night out at RendezViews’ patio. The final event was at the Docks Driving Range where attendees played volleyball, golfed, and perused the food truck snack options.

Social and Finance Committee (SFC) Representative Apples Mastrogiacomo (2L) said the SFC spent most of the summer preparing for the UYWB. It was tough figuring out plans in the midst of quickly changing circumstances but luckily, the team was able to find venues large enough to host the upper-year students. 

Overall, it was a successful orientation week at U of T Law. The SLS, O-Week coordinators, and volunteers did a great job of offering entertainment while making sure students were being safe and adhering to provincial guidelines. 

The student body eagerly awaits what social events are in store for this upcoming year. Up next, Call to the Bar …

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