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Historical Grade Release Dates and Times

It’s a waiting game

Every semester, a few weeks after the exam season, the law school starts buzzing with The Question. The questioning starts shyly, tentatively, as if no one wants to be the first to break the unspoken promise not to talk about exams after finals season is over. It grows louder as recruit deadlines and application due dates draw nearer. By the third week of January/May, the questions reach a fever pitch as everyone wants to know:

“When are grades coming out?”

Rumours start flying, whispered tales of when grades were released in previous years, passed on from upper-year students. Some unknown person has done some questionable math and swears that grades will be out sometime in the next week. Brave but very anxious souls reach out to SF, Records, the IT people who set up Zoom before every class—anyone who could possibly shed some light on when the elusive data will be posted to ACORN. Those fools—they don’t yet know that admin is all-powerful, and we are but mere mortals at the mercy of their unknowable timelines.

Fret not, dear readers. I am putting the rumours to rest, once and for all. I have compiled historical data of when grades are released in this handy-dandy chart for future generations. Unfortunately, I did not find any rhyme or reason to the grade release, but perhaps brighter minds in the law school can make better sense of the information—the LSAT is a test of pattern recognition, after all.

Does this information help predict grade releases in any way? Probably not. But does it somehow make us feel better to know? Strangely, yes. So go forth, and do with this information what you will. Or don’t—stressing about something so far out of our control can’t possibly be good for us.


YearDateDay of the WeekTime
2017Information not foundInformation not found2:53pm
2018Information not foundInformation not found11:40am
2019January 14, 2020Tuesday12:22pm
2020January 19, 2021Tuesday1:00pm
2021January 18, 2022Tuesday12:34pm
2022January 23, 2023Monday12:50pm


YearDateDay of the WeekTime
2018May 15, 2018Tuesday2:48pm
2019May 22, 2019Wednesday2:08pm
2020May 21, 2020Thursday12:01pm
2021May 26, 2021Wednesday12:35pm
2022May 30, 2022Monday1:32pm

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