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Intramural Year in Review

Law teams find success once again!

What an incredible year! This past academic year, the Faculty of Law Athletics Association (FLAA) organized 22 intramural teams across various sports. We had 158 law students, representing approximately a quarter of the student body, play in at least one game this year. All of our intramural teams were also open to graduate law students and recent law graduates. Whether it be flag football and ultimate frisbee or dodgeball and soccer, many students participated in numerous teams across both semesters. Over 150 games were cumulatively played against students from undergraduate colleges and other professional programs.

Many of our teams found great success, especially in the fall. In the fall semester, the Women’s Soccer, Mixed Dodgeball, and Open Flag Football teams finished first in their leagues. In the finals, Women’s Soccer won 4–0 against Victoria College; Flag Football won 20–0 against U of T Mississauga, and Mixed Dodgeball won 5–2 against Pharmacy. Both Women’s Soccer and Flag Football were undefeated in their championship run! In the winter semester, the Mixed Dodgeball team, captained by Ronan Mallovy (2L/MA English), returned to the finals, where they unfortunately lost to Dentistry. Mallovy commented, “We fought hard and threw harder, and we’re coming back next season for the prize. Thanks to the whole team for making it a great season!” 

This year, FLAA saw great support from the law school as Sara-Marni Hubbard helped secure funding which subsidized the cost of jerseys for the hockey team and athletic shirts for the student body. The U of T Law hockey team showcased their new kit in a friendly exhibition match against Osgoode Hall Law School, and many students wore their athletic shirts during their games. Thank you to the FLAA execs, Dilan Brar (3L), Mackenzie Thomas (2L), and Christos Kakaletris (2L), for helping us set up the various logistics surrounding intramurals. Finally, a huge thank you to all our team captains for your leadership and organization!

Some truly standout players include Abby Bruyer (1L), Maddy Regan (1L), Samir Reynolds (2L), and Andrew Luba (JD ‘21)! Bruyer played in 33 games across seven intramural teams and is a two-time champion, winning in Women’s Soccer and Mixed Dodgeball. Regan is also a two-time champion and played in 26 games across five intramural teams. Reynolds and Luba are also champions, winning Open Flag Football together and having played in 22 and 16 games, respectively. 

Leading FLAA has been a rewarding experience, and there is tremendous potential for athletics to be expanded at U of T Law. If you wish to lead FLAA next year, please contact Melanie Vincent (2L) and Justin Kim (2L) via email at uoftlawathletics@gmail.com.

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