Ultra Vires


Law School Bingo

Yet another reason to be distracted in class

Someone asks ≥3 questions
The person on call is unpreparedSomeone is >10 mins late
Tech problems 
Class runs over
You didn’t do the readingsProf disagrees with the holding
>1 week behind the syllabus schedule
Prof forgets about the breakProf misunderstands a question

No one answers the prof’s question 
You’re messaging someone in the same classFREE SPACEProf tries to be #relatable You zoned out

Someone is online shopping 
Someone leaves at break [and never comes back]Classroom is <½ fullYou’re making lunch/dinner plansYou leave class confused 
Someone is reading UVNone of your friends show upSomeone is in your seat
Someone is doing the crossword 
You’re doing work for a different class

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