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Ultra Vires 2020 Recruit Special

Part One

Another season, another recruit. The 2L Toronto Summer 2020 hiring process has come and gone. It began at the end of August, with the submission of application materials, and it ended on November 6, Call Day. For some, the quest for the ever-elusive summer job offer is over, and they can go into exam season with one less worry on their plate. For others, the search continues; they will spend the coming weeks submitting resumes and rushing between classes and interviews. The Career Development Office reported that for the graduating class of 2018, 196 out of 214 students had employment positions upon graduation—double the 97 positions that U of T Law students secured during this year’s recruit. Many other employment opportunities will come from the U.S., from other Canadian markets, from clerkships and from public sector work. This recruit is not the last stop for many. Even so, we celebrate our newly-employed colleagues and wish good luck to those who hopefully soon will be. 
The following few articles comprise the first part of the Ultra Vires 2020 Recruit Special. We report on the total number of students that various employers hired through the Toronto OCI process, as well as on the breakdown by law school of those summer classes. We also have a selection of quotations excerpted from our 2L-wide, anonymous recruit survey. Lastly, we have authored pieces that share more personal insight into the process. In our upcoming January issue, we will feature part two of this special, which will include highlights from our 2L demographic survey and an analysis of the correlation between grades, race, and success in the recruit.

Below is an index for part one of our 2020 Recruit Special.

  1. Toronto Summer Recruitment Numbers
  2. D & I Initiatives in the Recruit
  3. Opinion: The 2L Recruit with Accommodations
  4. Opinion: The Unexpected Loneliness of the Law Firm
  5. Quotes from the Ultra Vires Recruit Survey

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