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Pick Up Lines for Your Law School Crush

Law-themed pick up lines sure to melt any law student’s heart

Even though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, it’s not too late to shoot your shot with your law school crush. Check out these tried and true pick up lines to get the conversation going! Shout out to the best law school meme page around for their contributions!

  1. I wanna be Haldane you all night ;). 
  2. You’re like an upper year summary, I can’t live without you. 
  3. Would you like to enjoy village cricket in the summertime with me? 
  4. Are you the holding of a case, ‘cause I’ve been looking all night for you. 
  5. I would take a “falling scale on a train platform that recently experienced a firework detonation” for you. 
  6. I find you appeal-ing. 
  7. My passion for you is res ipsa loquitor
  8. Are you the McGill Guide, ‘cause I’d be lost without you. 
  9. Want to spend all night searching CanLii by the Fishbowl fireplace? 
  10. I’d reopen Goodmans Café for you. 
  11. Would you like my outlines? 
  12. I love you as much as Lord Denning loves cricket.

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