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Join the Ultra Vires Team for Volume 24 (2022–2023)

We are looking for students to join our Volume 24 editorial board as well as students interested in ancillary roles for the newspaper. Applications are due Thursday, March 31 at 11:59 pm. Please email your resume and statement of interest (maximum 250 words) to editor@ultravires.ca with the subject line “Volume 24 Application.” If you are applying for more than one position, please indicate your preferences in your email and submit a separate statement of interest for each position.

If you have any questions about the below roles, contact us at our email above, or message Harry Myles or Shae Rothery, incoming Editors-in-Chief.

Section Editors [8 – News (2), Features (2), Opinions (2), Diversions (1), Recruit (1)*]

Section editors are responsible for fact-checking and editing all articles submitted under their respective section, following UV’s style guide. They also are the first point-of-contact for the Associate Editors working under their section. They are expected to work with their Associate Editors to pitch and create monthly content for their section (whether through writing this content themselves, delegating articles to their Associate Editor(s), staff writers, or finding external writers). Section editors are also expected to attend all monthly pitch meetings (around 1 hour per month) and monthly editing meetings (around 5-6 hours per month). They will work closely with the EiCs to plan the direction of the paper and will contribute to a monthly Editors’ Corner. Section editors may also be responsible for drafting short social media copies of each article they edit (which will be passed on to the social media coordinators). In your statement of interest, please include the section(s) you are interested in being the Section Editor for. 

* Special Responsibilities of Section Editors

  • The News Editor ensures UV is covering timely news and events within the Faculty and the legal profession. This may include LSO shenanigans, proposed 1L curriculum changes, and Faculty Council meetings.
  • The Features Editor has a broad portfolio which may span law school pets, wine reviews, and advice to 1Ls. They are also responsible for reviews of the Faculty’s major events, including the Promise Auction, Follies, Law Ball, and the Grand Moot.
  • The Opinions Editor is responsible for canvassing and soliciting op-eds on subjects of topical interest to the student body and broader legal community.
  • The Diversions Editor ensures that the satirical section of UV is at least somewhat funny. They are responsible for writing “Intra Vires” and for collecting Follies’ discarded jokes.
  • The Recruit Editor publishes within the News section but is solely responsible for any recruit-related articles, including facilitating the Toronto 2L recruit survey and contacting firms regarding formal recruits’ hiring numbers (Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, NYC). 

Online Editor (1)

Are you tech savvy? The Online Editor is responsible for maintaining and updating the Ultra Vires website. This includes the monthly uploading of our articles using WordPress. Depending on interest, the Online Editor may also create training materials (ideally short screencasts) on how to upload articles and maintain the website. We are also in the process of revamping our website, including cleaning up and making tags. This project will likely occur throughout summer and ideally, the Online Editor may help contribute to this revamp with their ideas and expertise. Knowledge of WordPress is therefore an asset, but not required. There is an estimated time commitment of 6 hours a month (to upload all the articles). 

Staff Writers (4)

Do you have your finger on the pulse? Staff writers are responsible for contributing articles to the newspaper on a regular basis. Staff writers will be responsible for covering recurring articles, such as Faculty Council. Staff writers may pitch their own ideas, or pick up an article that someone else has suggested. Staff writers are expected to contribute a minimum of two articles per issue.

Recruit Reporters (2)

Do you love a good spreadsheet? Recruit reporters are responsible for assisting the Recruit Editor with any recruit-related articles, including contacting firms regarding formal recruits’ hiring numbers, analyzing recruit statistics, and providing year-by-year hiring comparisons. 

Business Manager (1)

Are you a networking star? The Business Manager is responsible for securing UV’s advertising revenue by reaching out to firms and organizations, including new and historical partners. The bulk of this role takes place over the summer. Throughout the school year, the Business Manager ensures that the ads are received by each publication deadline. In addition, the Business Manager is encouraged to brainstorm and lead initiatives for alternative revenue streams to ensure UV is financially stable. 

Social Media Coordinators (3)

Do you love to spill the tea? Social media coordinators are responsible for writing, editing, scheduling, and posting consistently across our social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook). Working together, social media coordinators are expected to create a consistent schedule for posting UV content using Hootsuite or another social media management platform. They will also work with section editors to review drafts of social media copies that may then be adapted. Social media coordinators may also assist in sharing any surveys we produce internally (within U of T Law Facebook groups). 

Visual Coordinators (2)

Do you have an eye for design? Visual coordinators work directly with section editors and photographers to brainstorm and create graphics and visual content for the paper. They may also be responsible for conceptualizing and creating appealing cover art for new issues of UV. In addition to your statement of interest, please include samples of your work.

Staff Photographers (3)

Do you have more fun behind the camera than in front of it? Staff photographers work directly with section editors and visual coordinators to brainstorm and take photos for the paper. They may also be responsible for taking the cover photo for new issues of UV. In addition to your statement of interest, please include samples of your work.

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